Sê um tipo fixe e não spames e tem um bom dia
  1. mjanekerr
    mjanekerr · · Reply

    Hey! Have been away for a while while work being done, but am so happy to be moving back home tomorrow! Have had limited internet access, so am looking forward to catching up with everyone’s uploads!

  2. lizkoppert
    lizkoppert · · Reply

    As I understand it, @lomodesbro, that was more the Lubitel 166U. But could be useful to have them both with different films in, yeah? ANZAC greetings to ya.

  3. lomodesbro
    lomodesbro · · Reply

    Hey bro @zebra3 @thorngarn @roadrunner @jamescat22 @leocny @markpozdnyakov I am slowly getting through the backlog. Lots happening. Thanks heaps

  4. lomodesbro
    lomodesbro · · Reply

    @lizkoppert Lens is the same. Only difference is 166B should include separate mask for 6x4.5 to insert if you want that format with 16 shots

  5. nural
    nural · · Reply

    @cabreb it is actually a 120 camera, if you want to use it with 35mm or instant wide, you need those accessories separately :)

  6. oleman
    oleman · · Reply

    Wohoo, ½ milj Likes !!! Thanks to all my Lomo-friends !!!

  7. ekeupratama
  8. ekeupratama
  9. crismiranda
  10. cabreb
    cabreb · · Reply

    Anyone knows if the belair instant camera includes the back for 120 film?

  11. emre158
  12. sirio174
  13. icantstandpickles
  14. smolda
    smolda · · Reply

    New filmswap album! LomoChrome Turquoise ♥ https://www.lomography.pt/homes/smolda/albums/2169983-films…

  15. gesp
    gesp · · Reply

    @robertofiuza @purepeter @kralle @johbeil Thank you for your generous likes!

  16. vicuna
  17. vicuna
  18. vicuna
    vicuna · · Reply

    "The Sound of Music": a few shots taken during a school concert... and testing the Naiad 15mm on this occasion https://www.lomography.pt/homes/vicuna/albums/2169982-the-s…

  19. lizkoppert
    lizkoppert · · Reply

    Looking at a Lubitel 166B on trademe.co.nz. Given I've already got a Lubitel 2, is it worth going for the Lubitel 166B? Whatcha'll think?

  20. ekeupratama
  21. ekeupratama
  22. mloscik
  23. gheinz
  24. gheinz
    gheinz · · Reply

    Comice de Feurs - 2nd part in b&w

  25. crismiranda
  26. crismiranda
  27. dbloomsday
    dbloomsday · · Reply

    I created this art video piece with Franck Gonnaud and Danielle garrison: https://www.lomography.pt/movies/3636

  28. crismiranda
  29. crismiranda
  30. lomodesbro
    lomodesbro · · Reply

    Hewyhowzitgoin? @anne missa @malyprinc @neufotomacher @troch @oleman @lonesa @dspvm @kasta72 @amro @steamtug1959 @nalle I am back from yet another tiki tour thanks heaps

  31. crismiranda
    crismiranda · · Reply

    chill... https://www.lomography.pt/photos/22663630
    New album! :D

  32. crismiranda
  33. sirio174
  34. neneohcs
    neneohcs · · Reply

    Stumbling over a fun album - Yul brunner and Romani musician Alyosho Dimitrievitch, recorded in 1967... https://www.lomography.pt/homes/neneohcs/photos/22663434 yes it is also digitlaised in "yube"

  35. neneohcs
    neneohcs · · Reply

    in case you dislike selfies - warning, not just just a few in my new album .... https://www.lomography.pt/homes/neneohcs/photos/22663446

  36. neneohcs
  37. neneohcs
    neneohcs · · Reply

    feels like ages, ... sorry for missing out on on so many of your fantastic fotos. will catch up.
    sharing some fotos from april, easter: https://www.lomography.pt/homes/neneohcs/photos/22663449

  38. neja
  39. neja
  40. crismiranda
  41. ekeupratama
  42. ekeupratama
  43. fartstorm
    fartstorm · · Reply

    Ice in spring? I am so confused... https://www.lomography.pt/photos/22662594

  44. vicuna
  45. shalinis
    shalinis · · Reply

    Monday flowers for everyone! https://www.lomography.pt/homes/shalinis/albums/2169515-a-t… Love this film Ektar 100

  46. vicuna
    vicuna · · Reply

    2nd album about Eastbourne, in color this time :) https://www.lomography.pt/homes/vicuna/albums/2169900-eastb…

  47. ekeupratama
  48. ekeupratama
  49. ekeupratama
  50. ekeupratama
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