Sê um tipo fixe e não spames e tem um bom dia
  1. jakkr
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    thanks guys for your likes :) @007-0815-STYLER, @KAESHIDO, @RETROGUY53, @JAZZTRIO2014 & @HERBERT-4

  2. ale2000
    ale2000 · · Reply

    "The road, the land"
    Camera: Lomography LC-A 120
    Film: Lomography Color Negative 100

  3. montagu
    montagu · · Reply

    https://www.lomography.pt/homes/montagu/photos/22005117?ord… Can't wait, make my summer last a bit longer

  4. montagu
    montagu · · Reply

    Any Lomographers based in SEVILLA around here? I will be there from Friday 27th for around 2 weeks, would love to hang out and get insights on anything photography related in the area! Peace

  5. ilcontrariodime
  6. ekeupratama
  7. icantstandpickles
  8. dr_dorokhov
  9. crismiranda
  10. crismiranda
  11. flamingoid
  12. flamingoid
  13. flamingoid
  14. flamingoid
  15. icantstandpickles
    icantstandpickles · · Reply

    Flipped the lens on my Kodak Duaflex IV

  16. neja
  17. neja
  18. neja
  19. neja
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    new doubles from London!

  20. tomczykd
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    @SETII, @BETHX, @EMTRO, @JAKKR, @HONEYGRAHAMS224, @DUQUE, @MINESLOMO - many thanks for your visit and likes my photos

  21. crismiranda
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    New portraits! https://www.lomography.pt/photos/22312800

  22. hervinsyah
  23. hervinsyah
  24. hervinsyah
  25. montagu
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    @guja @troch @klawe different feel and first time portrait format, but also interesting imo

  26. montagu
    montagu · · Reply

    https://www.lomography.pt/homes/montagu/photos/22312760 One more sun, this time with foreground, and my first portrait format one:) Thoughts?

  27. jkhounlivong
  28. loewon
  29. ekeupratama
  30. ale2000
    ale2000 · · Reply

    "Every Monday is a new beginning"
    Film: Kodak Portra 400
    Camera: Canonet QL19

  31. ekeupratama
  32. lizkoppert
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    @alienmeatsack, bugger!

  33. lizkoppert
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    @ralphred1965, you're welcome.

  34. alienmeatsack
    alienmeatsack · · Reply

    I also used a pack trying to get a shot out of my Graflex Speed Graphic and due to my error or the contraptions error I just got nothing. So that’s how I’ve spent my day. :D

  35. alienmeatsack
    alienmeatsack · · Reply

    I just spent the last hour trying to see if you could ‘redscale’ Instax film. You can’t. I used a whole pack that I flipped over all the shots and I got squat. At least Instant film is cheap!

  36. schwarzesauge
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    some towel pics ;-)

  37. schwarzesauge
  38. schwarzesauge
    schwarzesauge · · Reply

    finally scanned the second roll of adox scala., b&w dias from my hiking tour. Still fascinated by this technique. the album:

  39. ralphred1965
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    My particular favourite: https://www.lomography.pt/homes/ralphred1965/photos/22311669

  40. ralphred1965
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    Bad news, I've uploaded some more piccies and its more a return to an old haunt. Check 'em out here: https://www.lomography.pt/homes/ralphred1965/albums/2156090…

  41. ralphred1965
  42. cabreb
    cabreb · · Reply

    Out of boredom I finally decided to paint flat black the interior of my Holga!

  43. sirio174
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    From my NEW album https://www.lomography.pt/photos/22310930

  44. lomaugustry
  45. lomaugustry
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    Im shouting wabbits

  46. lomaugustry
  47. lomaugustry
  48. ekeupratama
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    @ARGINE, @NUDELS, @ARMANB, @AKULA, @SRCARDOSO, @CHARLIEDONTSURF, @SYNTHESAUR, @CAMILLE_DAMP, @OLEMAN, @GESP, @JMR982, @PAULUS74, @BLUUHAZXE, @RIK041 - many thanks for your visit and likes my photos

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