Flow Festival 2013 in Helsinki

My LC-A+ has problems with the shutter and doesn't open properly. Noticed it after I shot the film, therefore all pics are underexposed but still I like them.

A review on the festival in German can be found on my blog: iamnosuperman.com/musik-2/festivals/ein-analoger-nachtrag-d…

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  1. sandravo
    sandravo ·

    I believe the LC-A+ has a fixed aperture, if anything isn't responding well it should be the shutter. Most likely cause: batteries are close to dead. Have you tried changing the batteries? It might solve your problems :-)

  2. zonderbar
    zonderbar ·

    @sandravo Yes, I meant the shutter. Used the wrong word but meant the right ;). Thanks for the correction. I changed batteries already, yes. But will try it again and otherwise give it to a repair service to check it.

  3. sandravo
    sandravo ·

    You can check without film too. Open the back and and shoot with different iso settings (try indoors, not too much light) and you should see the difference in shutter time. Cover the light meter as best as you can and the shutter should stay open for a second at least. If it doesn't respond this way then you have a problem... Good luck! Fingers crossed this battery change was all it needed :-)

  4. zonderbar
    zonderbar ·

    @sandravo Yes, I know. Thanks! ;)

  5. yago56
    yago56 ·

    A wonderful album

  6. zonderbar
    zonderbar ·

    @yago56 thank you! :)

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